Through a cooperative agreement with the Grayson County Circuit Clerk's office, the Grayson County Detention Center may offer many options for posting bonds. The various bond types and whether the detention center may accept them are listed below.

  • District Cash Bond
  • Circuit Cash Bond
  • District ROR Bond
  • Circuit ROR Bond
  • District Surety Bond
  • District Partially Secured Bond
  • Circuit Surety Bond*
  • Circuit Partially Secured Bond*

* Circuit Surety and Circuit Partially Secured Bonds must be posted at the Grayson County Circuit Clerk's office during normal business hours. After normal business hours and on weekends, the detention center may contact the Grayson County Circuit Clerk to gain approval of Circuit Surety and Circuit Partially Secured bonds. Final decisions rest with the Circuit Clerk.

Grayson County Inmate Fees

  • Grayson Co. Processing Fee$30.00
  • Housing Fee Per Day$10.00
  • Weekender Fee$35.00
  • Work Release (Includes Housing)$27.50
  • Nurse Fee$10.00
  • Medical FeesN/A**

We will NOT take anymore than 50% of deposited amount until debt is paid off.

** Inmates will be responsible for paying all Doctor, Hospital, Dentist, Optometrist, and Pharmacy fees that they may incur.


You can deposit money to an inmate using our JailATM System provided by Tech Friends.

Court Dates

  • Grayson County Circuit Court

    1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month.

  • Grayson County District Court

    Every Thursday

Education Opportunities


Education has always played an important part in an individual's success in our society. With changing realities in the job market and the advent of new technologies, that has never been more evident than it is today.

The sad fact is that many people who get caught up in the "revolving door" of modern corrections do so because they don't have a legitimate education. That limits marketable job skills and makes potential employers hesitant when it comes to hiring.

While state mandates require all detention centers to provide opportunities for inmates to take GED classes, the Grayson County Detention Center goes several steps further.

With assistance from the Grayson County Board of Education, we offer daily classes for those interested in earning a GED certificate. In addition to part-time instructors from the Grayson County school system, the detention center provides a full-time teacher/coordinator to maximize learning opportunities for the inmates housed in our facilities.

Our GED program averages 60 graduates each year, more than many traditional high schools in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Inmates who graduated from high school or completed their GED requirements may enroll in WorkKeys. A computer-based program that scores students based on their understanding of job-related skills in manufacturing, WorkKeys is Step #2 in preparing for life outside the walls of a facility.

Inmates develop their cognitive and reasoning abilities while learning practical applications for mathematics. They also hone their communications and problem-solving as they prepare to find a job.

Showing our inmates that there is a better way is part of our job here at the Grayson County Detention Center.

Phone Calls


For questions about receiving phone calls from inmates, please visit them online at or call Combined Communications at 1-877-570-4268 .

Telephone Availability

It is the policy of the Grayson County Detention Center that each inmate shall have equal and adequate access to a telephone to maintain community ties and contacts with attorneys.

Newly admitted inmates shall be permitted a reasonable number of local or collect long distance calls to an attorney of their choice or to a family member, as soon as practical, generally within one (1) hour after arrival, until one (1) call has been completed. Any expense incurred for calls shall be borne by the inmate or the party called.

In-Cell Phone

In-cell telephone service is available to all permanent housing units except Isolation. No less than once each week, inmates in isolation will be taken to a telephone for a telephone call lasting no less than five (5) minutes. For security reasons, telephones in cells may be turned off at various times during the course of any given day. Telephones will be re-activated after the security issue has been resolved.


Telephone calls shall be routinely monitored and the inmate shall be notified through general postings throughout the Detention Center that all calls made may potentially be recorded.

Suspension of Privileges

Telephone privileges may be suspended for a designated period of time if telephone rules are violated.


Jail Programs

Here at the Grayson County Detention Center, we believe that being successful after release from incarceration depends on how an inmate spends their time inside the walls.

Through partnerships with many area churches, we give our inmates every available opportunity to expand their spiritual life and develop the support network they will need on the outside.

Regardless of your faith affiliation, there are volunteers who give of their time and energy to see that the spiritual needs of those incarcerated here are met.



The below listed items are the only property items permissible for County, State and Federal Inmates while housed here at the Grayson County Detention Center. All other items will be cited as unauthorized; and therefore will be described as Contraband. We will not be responsible for returning contraband items. Grayson County Detention Center will not be liable for any lost or stolen articles in the inmate’s living area. All property will be accepted through the mail or bonding window for a period of 14 days after confinement at this facility. Beyond the 14 days these items will have to be purchased from the commissary. You may mail property any time during the 14 day period or you may drop property off from Monday to Friday at the bonding window between the hours of 8 a.m. - 3 p.m. No property will be taken at the visitation desk at any time.

  • 1 Bible or quran
  • 1 Plain Wedding Band
  • 1 Watch (No Metal Band or Face, No Stones)
  • 10 AA and 10 AAA Batteries
  • 10 Photos (No Larger than 5x7, No Photo Copies, No Polaroids's, No Nude or Semi-Nude Photos)
  • 3 White T-Shirts (No Pockets)
  • 5 Pair White Socks
  • 5 Pair White Underwear (Boxers or Briefs)
  • 2 Pair Light Colored Shorts (No Graphics, Gym Style Only)
  • 2 Pair White Long John Thermals (2 Tops and 2 Bottoms)
  • 1 Pair Earbuds (No Headphones)
  • 1 Pair Shower Shoes or Flip Flops
  • 2 Paperback Books (NO Urban Novels, True Crime, or Magazines)
  • 1 MP3 Player or Radio (Must Be Battery Operated, No Recording Capabilities, No External Speakers
  • **Note** Due to limited storage all excess property at intake, that doesn't fit in an authorized property bag must be picked up or mailed out within 30 days from intake date or it will be destroyed. All property at release must be mailed out or picked up within 30 days of release or will be destroyed.
  • MAIL

    All Mail (Except Legal) is opened and searched before delivered to the inmate.


    It is the policy of the Grayson County Detention Center to enable and encourage inmates to maintain contact with family and friends through regular visits.

    Visit Scheduling

    Families, friends and relatives of inmates may visit on indicated days and times of visitation.

    ATTENTION All times are Central Standard Time (CST) -6 GMT!

    Main Facility

  • Lockdown Area (visitation booth)

    County and State Inmates:

    • Wednesday and Saturday
      • 8:30AM - 10:30AM
      • 12:30PM - 3:00PM

    Federal Inmates:

    • Friday and Sunday
      • 8:30AM - 10:30AM
      • 12:30PM - 3:00PM
  • Red Pod (Stateside)

    State inmates:

    • Wednesday (visitation booth)
      • 8:30AM - 10:30AM
    • Saturday (contact visit)
      • 9:10AM - 10:30AM
      • 12:30PM - 2:50PM
    • Sunday (contact visit)
      • 8:30AM - 10:30AM

    SAP Program:

    • Wednesday (visitation booth)
      • 8:00AM - 9:00AM
    • Saturday (contact visit)
      • 8:00AM - 9:00AM
    • Sunday (contact visit)
      • 12:00PM - 1:00PM
  • Female Facility

    • County and State Inmates:

      • Wednesday and Saturday
        • 8:30AM - 10:30AM
        • 12:30PM - 3:00PM
    • Federal Inmates:

      • Friday and Sunday
        • 8:30AM - 10:30AM
        • 12:30PM - 3:00PM


    • Thursday (visitation booth)
      • 3:00PM - 8:00PM
    • Saturday (visitation booth and contact visit)
      • 7:30AM - 3:00PM


      • At least one visit per week per inmate shall be allowed except when an inmate has been assessed a disciplinary penalty for an infraction of rules governing visitation.
      • Duration

      • Visits shall not be less than fifteen (15) minutes.

      • Number of Visitors

      • Two visitors permitted to visit an inmate at the same time shall count as a single visit. Children, when accompanied by an adult, shall be permitted to visit inmates.
      • Special Visits

      • Attorneys, probation and parole officers, investigators and medical personnel shall be permitted to visit inmates at reasonable hours other than during regularly scheduled visiting hours and shall not be counted as an allotted visit.

      • Registration

        • Visitors, including attorneys, clergy and medical personnel, shall register before admission and may be denied admission for refusal to register, for refusal to consent to search or for any violation.
      • Observation

        • The Jailer shall not listen to visitor's conversations but may observe the visitation for security reasons.

      • Restrictions

        Inmates shall not be restricted in regard to whom they may have as a visitor unless the Jailer determines that a visitor should be excluded due to the existence of one or more of the following conditions:

        • The visitor represents a clear and present danger to security;
        • The visitor has a past history of disruptive conduct at the Jail;
        • The visitor is under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
        • The visitor refuses to submit to search or show proper identification;
        • The inmate refuses the visit.
      • Exceptions

        Inmates may be allowed visit at the times other than regular visiting hours when approved by the Jailer.

        Contact visits may be approved by the jailer for individuals in certain classification. The following will be done for each contact visit:

        • All inmates will be searched before and after contact visits.
        • All Visitors shall leave all personal belongings with a staff member staff except articles specifically authorized by the jailer.