Grayson County Detention Center

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Men's Facility (24/7)

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Female Facility (24/7)

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Annex Facility

Property Items Allowed

The below-listed items are the only property items permissible for County, State, and Federal Inmates while housed here at the Grayson County Detention Center. All other items will be cited as unauthorized; and, therefore, will be described as contraband. We will not be responsible for returning contraband items. Grayson County Detention Center will not be liable for any lost or stolen articles in the inmate’s living area. All property will be accepted through the mail or bonding window for a period of 14 days after confinement at this facility. Beyond the 14 days, these items will have to be purchased from the commissary. All packages being mailed in must have a verifiable name and address. Any packages from 3rd party Vendors (Amazon, Walmart.Com, Any 3rd Party Mailing Agency, etc.) will be unopened and returned. In the event we are unable to verify the sender’s name and address, we will allow the sender to show proof of identity, and the inmate will receive their package. Otherwise, your package will remain on the inmate’s property until they leave our facility. In the event it is discovered the package has ties to another inmate, it will be counted as contraband and disposed of accordingly. You may drop the property off from Monday to Friday at the bonding window between 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. (CST). No property may be taken at the visitation desk at any time. All incoming property is approved at the discretion of the Property Officer.
  • 1 Bible or 1 Quran
  • 1 Plain Wedding Band
  • 1 Watch (No Metal Band or Face, No Stones)
  • 10 AA and 10 AAA Batteries
  • 10 Photos (No Larger Than 5×7, No Photo Copies, No Polaroids, and No Nude or Semi-Nude Photos)
  • 3 White T-Shirts (No Pockets)
  • 5 Pairs White Socks
  • 5 Pairs White Underwear (Boxers or Briefs)
  • 2 Pairs White Long John Thermals (2 Tops and 2 Bottoms)
  • 1 Pair Shower Shoes or Flip Flops
  • 2 Paperback Books (No Urban Novels, True Crime, or Magazines)
In addition, State Inmates housed in the Red Pod may also have:
  • *2 T-Shirts (Total of 5)
  • *2 Sweatshirts (Gray, No Hoodies)
  • *2 Sweatpants (Gray, No Cargo Pockets)
Inmates’ families/friends are not permitted to mail property to other inmates. We do not allow selling/purchasing property between inmates. Any items not recorded on the Inmate’s Intake Property Data Form are considered contraband and will be disposed of during searches. Primary restrictions have been listed.

Note: Due to limited storage, all excess property at the inmate’s intake that doesn’t fit in an authorized container must be picked up or mailed out within 30 days of intake, or it will be destroyed. All property at the inmate’s release must be mailed out or picked up within 30 days of release or will be destroyed.