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Posting Bonds

Through a cooperative agreement with the Grayson County Circuit Clerk’s office, the Grayson County Detention Center may offer many options for posting bonds. The various bond types and whether the detention center may accept them are listed below.

Bonds Accepted: District ROR Bonds and Circuit ROR Bonds

Bonds Accepted After Grayson County Circuit Clerk’s Office Normal Business Hours: District Cash Bonds and Circuit Cash Bonds

Bonds NOT Accepted: District Surety Bonds, District Partially Secured Bonds, Circuit Partially Secured Bonds, and Circuit Surety Bonds

Grayson County Inmate Fees
*Circuit Surety and Circuit Partially Secured Bonds must be posted at the Grayson County Circuit Clerk’s office during normal business hours. After regular business hours and on weekends, the detention center may contact the Grayson County Circuit Clerk to gain approval of Circuit Surety and Circuit Partially Secured Bonds. Final decisions rest with the Circuit Clerk.

  • Weekender Fee – $35.00 (Each Weekend)
  • All Work Releases Must Provide an Approved Work Schedule Prior to Booking
  • Work Release 1st Weekend – $85.00 (Includes Drug Test)
  • Work Release (Includes Housing) – $27.50 per Day
  • Nurse Fee – $10.00
  • Medical Fees – N/A**
  • Subject to $20 Drug Testing at Any Time


Up to 50% will be taken from any money deposited on an inmate’s account for any previous debt. New charges will be collected if money is available on the inmate’s account at that time.

**Inmates will be responsible for paying all doctor, hospital, dentist, optometrist, and pharmacy fees that they may incur.


You can deposit money to an inmate using our on-site JailATM System provided by Tech Friends. You can also go to

You can mail postal money orders addressed to “Inmate Accounts.”

Court Dates

  • Grayson County Circuit Court – 1st and 3rd Tuesday of Every Month
  • Grayson County District Court – Every Thursday

Phone Calls

  • CPC – For answers to questions about receiving phone calls from inmates, please visit them online or call Combined Public Communications at 1 (877) 570-4268.

Telephone Availability

It is the policy of the Grayson County Detention Center that each inmate shall have equal and adequate access to a telephone to maintain community ties and contacts with attorneys.
Newly admitted inmates shall be permitted a reasonable number of local or collect long-distance calls to an attorney of their choice or a family member, as soon as practical, generally within one (1) hour after arrival, until one (1) call has been completed. Any expense incurred for calls shall be borne by the inmate or the party called.

In-Cell Telephone

In-cell telephone service is available to all permanent housing units except isolation. No less than once each week, inmates in isolation will be taken to a telephone for a telephone call lasting no less than five (5) minutes. For security reasons, telephones in cells may be turned off at various times during the course of any given day. Telephones will be re-activated after the security issue has been resolved.


Telephone calls shall be routinely monitored, and the inmate shall be notified through general postings throughout the Detention Center that all calls made may potentially be recorded.

Suspension of Privileges

Telephone privileges may be suspended for a designated period of time if telephone rules are violated.


  • All Mail (Except Legal) Is Opened and Searched Before Being Delivered to the Inmate
  • No Paper, Stamps, Envelopes, Pens, or Pencils Are Allowed in the Mail (Purchase Through the Commissary Only)
  • Postal Money Orders Should Be Mailed in an Envelope “With No Other Mail” Marked Inmate Accounts
  • No Stickers, Musical, or Recording Cards Are Allowed
  • No Whiteout
  • No Photos Allowed
  • No Perfume on Envelopes or Letters
  • No Crayon Markings Are Allowed on Any Letters
  • Any Questionable Content (Smell or Texture) Will Be Destroyed
  • Anything Mailed in That the Inmate Cannot Have Will Be Destroyed
  • Do Not Mail Items That They Cannot Have
  • No Large Envelopes Are Allowed


It is the policy of the Grayson County Detention Center to enable and encourage inmates to maintain contact with family and friends through regular visits. Visits will last 15 minutes. County/State Visitation is on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Federal Visitation is on Fridays and Sundays. Visitation times are from 8:30 a.m.-10:30 a.m. Central Time. Visitation resumes at 12:30 p.m.-3:00 p.m. Central Time.

Attorney Visits

Attorneys can visit their clients anytime, Monday through Sunday. Attorneys can also utilize our Inmate/Attorney Video Conference Software by scheduling via email at [email protected]. For first-time users, attorneys will need to provide a Driver’s License, Bar Card, and Affiliated Agency for verification. Rules and Procedures will be provided with each email. Due to high demand, same-day video conferences are not authorized. Any documents sent in will be returned the next business day.