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Educational Opportunities

Education has always played an important part in an individual’s success in our society. With changing realities in the job market and the advent of new technologies, that has never been more evident than it is today.
The sad fact is that many people who get caught up in the “revolving door” of modern corrections do so because they don’t have a legitimate education. That limits marketable job skills and makes potential employers hesitant when it comes to hiring.
While state mandates require all detention centers to provide opportunities for inmates to take GED classes, the Grayson County Detention Center goes several steps further.
With assistance from the Grayson County Board of Education, we offer daily classes for those interested in earning a GED certificate. In addition to part-time instructors from the Grayson County school system, the detention center provides a full-time teacher/coordinator to maximize learning opportunities for the inmates housed in our facilities.
Our GED program averages 60 graduates each year, more than many traditional high schools in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.
Inmates who graduated from high school or completed their GED requirements may enroll in WorkKeys. A computer-based program that scores students based on their understanding of job-related skills in manufacturing, WorkKeys is Step #2 in preparing for life outside the walls of a facility.
Inmates develop their cognitive and reasoning abilities while learning practical mathematics applications. They also hone their communication and problem-solving skills as they prepare to find a job.
Showing our inmates that there is a better way is part of our job here at the Grayson County Detention Center.

Jail Programs

Here at the Grayson County Detention Center, we believe that being successful after release from incarceration depends on how an inmate spends their time inside the walls.
Through partnerships with many area churches, we give our inmates every available opportunity to expand their spiritual life and develop the support network they will need on the outside.
Regardless of your faith affiliation, some volunteers give their time and energy to see that the spiritual needs of those incarcerated here are met.